Fragments (Barbados 2002), 2009 Image 1 of 3

Fragments is a series of six images exploring the use of photography and memory. The images are created from many photographs of single landscapes, fragmented into strips, added together and the focus blurred.

There is a tendency in this digital age to take many photographs of a single landscape, especially on holiday. I noticed this in my own holiday photographs, and found it curious that the freedom of digital photography allows us to repeat an image in the hope that one of them will be the ‘one’. Inevitably, these images cannot convey the emotions experienced at the moment, that we desperately try to capture over and over. Perhaps through the lens of the camera we experience less of the landscape and end up relying on our multiple photographs of it to know that we were there. In any case, memory is flawed – forever changing and surprisingly inaccurate. A photograph cannot replace a memory, nor can it be a tool to preserve memories unchanged. The images we take of these landscapes are mere fragments of the moment we were present in, just as our memory of it becomes more fragmented and blurry over time. These photographs, although made up of real landscapes, through their fragmentation, become fantasy places. New landscapes created from pieces. Just as the memory changes each time we remember an experience. As a side note, I don’t remember taking a single one of the landscape photographs that make up these images!